Couples Therapy Services in Cleveland Heights, OH


Emotionally Focused COuples Therapy (EFT)

There aren't many things more painful than conflict and disconnection with the most important people in our lives. The anxiety, loneliness and hopelessness we feel can seem truly unbearable.

But this conflict and disconnection are mostly about one thing - the pain and panic that comes in moments when we really need our partner, and we don't feel them there for us. And when our partners feel unavailable, unresponsive, or scary to us, we will do whatever it seems at the moment will make us feel better. Problem is, often our ways of coping trigger the same pain and panic in our partners, and we can get locked in a dance between our wounded selves that is really hard to step out of. 

What an EFT-trained couples therapist provides is a map for understanding and shifting out of this dance. We don't just talk about the problem, we don't just mediate each conflict separately, and we don't just assign behavior "homework" that you would be doing anyway if you could, if there weren't something deep and emotional getting in the way. I am your process consultant; we will work to discover how you get stuck in the dance, and to access and do something different in session, eased by the extra safety the therapist can provide. As one of the few professionals providing this kind of couples therapy services in the Cleveland Heights area, I offer a rare opportunity to do the work that will help you deeply repair injuries and disconnections, and find your way back to each other.