Individual Therapy Services

Cleveland Heights, OH


Coherence Therapy

Coherence means that you make sense. There is a way in which your thoughts, feelings and behaviors make complete sense, even though it sometimes feels like no one, including you, understands why you are thinking, feeling or behaving the way you do.

I imagine you have tried just deciding to change these thoughts, feelings or behaviors. You understand how they aren't helping you right now, and you have a sense of what might be a better way, so you try. And sometimes you can. But somehow what you want so much to change seems to ultimately persist. 

A therapist trained in Coherence Therapy helps clients to make sense out of these experiences by uncovering the hidden, core meanings and parts of yourself that are "driving the bus". These emotional "TRUTHS" are transformed when they are uncovered and honored for how they made sense when they were created. Clients can both reclaim lost parts of themselves and let go of ways of being that no longer serve them.

I provide very different individual therapy services than those otherwise largely available in Cleveland Heights, OH, and the greater Cleveland area. We won't just talk about the problem, or try to convince you to think, feel or do differently; we will give you a different experience of yourself and of other people that will allow you to feel safe enough to change.