Two Articles Already Available on Huffington Post

Hi! My name is Randie, and you may have noticed (or not!) that I am a new therapist to the area, providing both couples therapy services and individual therapy services from my new location in Cleveland Heights, OH. So I wanted to introduce myself, and it is my hope that this blog page will be a great place to get to know me and what I'm about over time. On my Facebook and Twitter feeds (links below!), I link to a lot of invaluable resources on relationships, parenting, and mental health, mostly written by others I respect in the field. But this will be a place for me to share my perspective on things directly, and I hope it will prove useful to you in some way. 

While I'm working on new material, I wanted to make available two articles I have previously published on Huffington Post. The work I do as a couples therapist is very different than how I write about it, as I am not a huge fan of "skills-based" couples therapy. I tend to think that we largely have the skills to sort of "do relationship", but that if we are not using them, something deeper is in the way. But it's difficult to get at deeper injuries and obstacles, which are personal and unique to the individual, through writing. Therefore, articles on relationships and couples therapy often need to focus on things at the skills level. These two articles are some of my attempts to strike the right balance. Here are the links:

The Trouble With I Statements (And What Works Better)

The Way Out of Power Struggles